Note 3: Potential distributed micro (domestic) and mini to large (commercial) solar PV systems

[ref. Note 12].

Roof-mounted PV systems: 404GW (279 & 125 GW on domestic & commercial properties respectively) including 7.5 GW existing systems) generating 332TWh pa (including 7TWh pa from existing systems) electricity.

Existing Large Solar Farms (ground-mounted systems > 5 MW): 6 GW generating 6 TWh pa electricity.

Solar car parks: 19GW generating 17TWh pa electricity.

Motorway & dual carriageway solar frames: 41GW generating 36 TWh pa electricity.

Total for solar PV systems (existing and additional potential installations): 470GW generating 391 TWh pa electricity.

The requirement for additional solar and wind electricity generation would be reduced if additional run-of-of-the-river hydroelectric systems were viable.