So, 100,000 Extra Nursery Places from Labour?

Children and Carer in Nursery

Wow, bold promise from Labour there! So, recycling unused classrooms due to falling rolls sounds sensible, but just because you can magic up the space doesn't mean this is a policy that will fly.

100,000 EXTRA nursery places means something like an extra 20,000 suitably qualified carers will be required, at an average carer to child ratio of 1:5. Assuming that those carers are going to be on at least the living wage, that's an annual cost of around £400,000,000, budgeting for which seems suitably vague.

And that at a time when the childcare provision in the UK is in crisis, with nurseries in the early years sector already struggling with the recruitment and retention of staff. So where are all those extra carers going to come from? Maybe in the past we could ship them in wholesale from the EU, but given Labour's planned immigration restrictions, that might be a bit difficult now.

All sounds a bit pie-in-the-sky both financially and logistically, even if the aspiration is laudable.


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