I was recently asked why launch the Sustainable Party and not simply join the Green Party?

A concern for many environmentally aware people is that economic growth should only be pursued if it is genuinely sustainable. The Sustainable Party’s comprehensive and balanced manifesto has been drafted to achieve this objective.

If at least one country does not demonstrate very soon that sustainable economic growth is possible, then, sadly, I think that the human race is doomed.

Currently, developing countries are striving to match the GDP per person of developed countries, and the former are sacrificing sustainability to maximise their economic growth rates.

Developed countries are often not prepared to reduce their GDP per person to match the current GDP per person in developing countries. Consequently, unless a solution to this conundrum is implemented in the near future, the earth’s resources will be depleted and large areas, maybe most of the earth’s surface, will become uninhabitable.

If the majority of people in the developed world were altruistic, then the Green Party’s manifesto could succeed by levelling down (i.e. reducing the GDP per person of the developed world to that of the developing world). Unfortunately, the majority of people are not altruistic, so the human race is very likely to destroy its environment irreversibly unless we change the overall approach.

Adopting the key policies of the Sustainable Party’s manifesto would show the rest of the world that sustainable economic growth is not only achievable but also it would enable the UK to become the best place in the world to live in the world for the vast majority of its population. Probably under 0.5% of the UK’s population would be unhappy with the implementation of the Sustainable Party’s manifesto policies, since these are either the tiny minority of greedy members of society who want to be an "order of magnitude" better off than the average citizen, or the tiny minority who want to completely destroy our democratic society (and replace it with a utopia without any aspiration and where everyone is in an equally dire situation apart from the leaders, dictators, and their cronies.

There is a political battle currently taking place between the left and right wings of the political spectrum. The policies for the Sustainable Party have been drafted so that they are not only achievable but should appeal to everyone except Fascists and Communists /Anarchists!

And yes, I did read the Green Party’s 2019 manifesto (over 90 pages) before reaching this conclusion, and yes, I do believe it possible to solve the conundrum of how to sustainably grow GDP per person, and indeed feel that our policies could be equally applied to developing countries as well, to the economic benefit of the global population, the global environment, with the only "losers" being the vested interests of the "big energy" based economies.

Sustain Party RoundelStand for the Sustainable Party

We aim to have candidates in as many UK constituencies as possible in all future local and national elections. To achieve this aim we need your support!

We are actively seeking potential candidates, especially those who may already be considering standing as independents, who are committed to promoting genuinely sustainable economic growth for Britain, but who don’t necessarily accept some of the growth restricting policies of other environmental parties.

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