How to make the transition to the Sustainable Party's vision of the future

We have had many discussions with interested parties whilst drawing up the Sustainable Party's policies.

Many have supported our aims and could see a lot of merit in our proposals, even where they did not understand fully the details of the Energy Policy etc and its requirements (understandable, as it is a very complex model to those unfamiliar with the UK's energy supply landscape).

The adoption of our policies cannot be an overnight 'quick fix' - although the energy technology is already in existence, the changes in infrastructure will take time, and in other areas the UK will need global input initially until it reaches more devolved self sufficiency, partnerships, how the party might engage on the international stage politically and economically.

Many conversations were also along the lines of "how would the Sustainable Party introduce and manage the transitions required?".

For example:

Education - the life time grant (to 68) and the changes required and encouragement within the whole system. How would all the necessary elements be drawn together that are so disparate now.

Agriculture - The necessary move away from less sustainable produce, e.g. red meat, and what financial encouragement would farmers need to receive to change to more sustainable and environmentally friendly food production. Also how to influence voluntary movement by the public to stimulate demand for products farmed using less environmentally harmful techniques.

Construction - how will this change whilst the industry currently looks to cheaper alternatives which are not so ECO friendly. Supply chains remain heavily dependent upon traditional construction methods and are still quite reluctant to invest in more modern technical and sustainable solutions.

Transport - cleaner transport solutions, and local infrastructure investment to support electrification, and how to manage the costs of road transport networks with fuel tax revenues reducing with electrification.

These discussions raise very important issue in terms of managing significant transitions across multiple sectors.

I think that the solution is to establish high calibre mixed skill task forces comprising private and public sector people, who are either skilled and experienced sector specialists or generalists with extensive experience on major, successful business process re-engineering and change management projects/programmes.

When I worked in management consultancy I gained valuable skills and experience on a wide range of projects (from strategic business planning to programme management) in 15 different sectors. Within the UK population there must be a number of people with the required skills and experience to enable the required wide-ranging, multi-sector transition programme.

It is very unlikely that the "status quo-maintaining" civil service will by itself have the necessary skills and experience to achieve the required to implement this transition programme.

Overall, the successful implementation of the transition programme will have significant benefits for the whole of UK society with the exception of a minority comprising "vested interests and the establishment" which will prefer to maintain the status quo.

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We are actively seeking potential candidates, especially those who may already be considering standing as independents, who are committed to promoting genuinely sustainable economic growth for Britain, but who don’t necessarily accept some of the growth restricting policies of other environmental parties.

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