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Most political parties seem to assume that they do not succeed in elections simply because they do not "get their message across" to the electorate rather than the real reason, which is usually that most of the electorate are not stupid and the "message" needs to make sense to them.

Clearly, some politicians have been successful by being good communicators (e.g. Boris Johnson and his "Get Brexit Done". However, Boris was assisted by Jeremy Corbyn because most of the electorate realised that his manifesto would have "destroyed" the UK economy and the aspirational aspects of capitalism.

As I have mentioned before (and as far as I am aware), the Sustainable Party is the only organisation in the world which has developed a credible manifesto address the simultaneous challenges of achieving economic growth, addressing climate change, ameliorating the cost of living crisis and providing a resilient, sustainable energy supply .

This unique position is both an opportunity and a threat. The threat mainly comes from lobbying by powerful vested interests as well as the mainstream parties.

I appreciate that, historically, most people have voted based upon a very superficial understanding of the implications of their party’s manifesto and have simply voted on a "single issue" or a general feeling about a party or its leader.

I appreciate that it will be a challenge to persuade people to think more deeply about the implications of their support for a particular party and to support a party which will benefit both themselves, their communities and the country as a whole more than any other party over the medium to long term.

Most people do not understand the significant difference between real and nominal economic growth. If real growth is negative, then we are all worse off. If increased taxation and public spending were to result in rate of inflation exceeding the nominal rate of economic growth, then we would collectively be worse off. This explains why profligate labour governments have usually been short-lived.

The Sustainable Party proposing that 25% personal pension wealth being used to fund the implementation of the sustainable energy supply solution over 10 years should make everybody’s pension fund more secure providing that the regulatory role is performed effectively.

You are probably aware that the Bank of England was forced to make an emergency bailout of most of the Defined Benefit Pension Funds in September 2022 because most of them had placed a high risk bet on LDIs (Liability Driven Investments) which were linked to UK Gilt yields. These pension fund trustees were concerned about low-yielding UK Gilts so they purchased LDIs to achieve a "floor" on Gilt yields. However, they exposed themselves to a major systematic risks since they were forced to sell UK Gilts in a falling market when their LDI bets "went the wrong way" as a result of Liz Truss’ economic experiment on unfunded tax cuts.

Another significant exposure for pension funds has been the dramatic falls in commercial property values linked to ithe switch to online shopping and the increased level of WFH following the Covid pandemic.

Pension funds have also been exposed to wild fluctuations in equity markets around the world when they have placed their bets on the wrong market sectors or countries /regions at the wrong time.

Clearly, effective regulation of the energy supply transition investment will be required to avoid debacles like UK water supply, rail service underperformance and the widespread flammable cladding of high rise buildings.

Sustain Party RoundelStand for the Sustainable Party

We aim to have candidates in as many UK constituencies as possible in all future local and national elections. To achieve this aim we need your support!

We are actively seeking potential candidates, especially those who may already be considering standing as independents, who are committed to promoting genuinely sustainable economic growth for Britain, but who don’t necessarily accept some of the growth restricting policies of other environmental parties.

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