Who we are, and why you should join us

The Sustainable Party is a new political party that aims to discard the political baggage of other UK political parties. The two main political parties, Conservative and Labour, although talking big on the environment and climate change, are both heavily committed to maintaining the role of 'big energy' and a 'top down' approach to energy supply in the UK. The Green Party, on the other hand, pursues many policies that can be viewed as anti-business, discouraging the economic growth necessary to improve the lives of the people of the UK.

The Sustainable Party has an inclusive agenda which aims to put technological solutions before political dogma. With a focus on local solutions to the global climate crisis and local involvement through Sustainable Community Funds to transform energy production, the Sustainable Party intends to break the stranglehold of "big energy" on UK politics and the economy, and to return power to local people.

Our "Best Available Solution" is a fully thought through and costed solution to transform energy generation and supply in the UK. It is no pie in the sky dream, but a very detailed, practical, and costed solution that can serve as a blueprint for global communities to head off an impending climate disaster.

We need your help

To achieve our aims, we need the help of a broad membership base of individuals who really care about the environment, and are prepared to help us raise awareness of "another way forwards".

As a full member you will have an opportunity to make suggestions for the development of our policies, and to be able to vote in internal party elections. As a youth member, you will be able to participate in all internal debates, but sorry, you won't be able to vote in internal elections until you are 18.

We are also seeking people who wish to be involved in the party’s organisation within their communities and to be considered as the party’s candidates in local and national elections. If that seems a bit too daunting, then to help us by organising regional or local campaigning groups to support our electoral efforts.


Full membership of the party is open to any adult of 18 or over, either a citizen, or person normally resident in, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Youth membership is open to any person aged 13 to 17, either a citizen, or person normally resident in, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

How much

Full membership is £2 a year, but you are free to donate more if you wish. Youth members can join for free.

Your fees will be used to cover the costs of putting up candidates in elections, and promoting the party and its policies.

We will not be accepting large donations (over £500) from either individuals or businesses - we want our members to be the pipers who decide on the tune!

When you join

You will have access to our website community where you can contribute to our internal debates - as a brand new party our numbers are small so far, but we have every intention of growing.

If you think what we are doing is worthwhile, please tell your friends, and share our story on social media, and encourage them to join us in implementing the "Best Available Solution".

Membership of the Sustainable Growth Party

  • help to shape the future of environmentally sustainable growth in the UK.

  • be a member of the party that is seeking to promote growth through sustainable local energy generation policies leading to lower energy bills, without compromising growth or quality of life.

  • Membership of the party means you can take part in the debates to develop the party’s policies

Duration: 1 Year
Price: £2.00

Youth Membership of the Sustainable Growth Party

  • Available to young adults aged 13 to 17
  • Free to join
  • No voting rights, but full access to all party debate and policy forming
Duration: 1 Year
Price: Free

Sustain Party RoundelHelp the Sustainable Party with community funding support

We aim to have candidates in as many UK constituencies as possible in all future local and national elections. To achieve this aim we need your support!

Help Spread The Word

Help us spread the word through social media!

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